petersushiplatingwebsiteWelcome to Sake Don — a restaurant owned by a husband & wife (endearingly nick-named, “Chef Don/Sushi Don” and “Sake Mom” by our customers), who love to Kanpai!


kanpai is the Japanese way of saying, “Cheers!” It literally means, “dry cup,” so that means you need to drink every drop. We typically like to kanpai while drinking sake! You won’t be surprised to hear us saying, “kanpai!” during a visit to our restaurant.

Our favorite sake is the Ozeki Nigori — an unfiltered, cold sake. Enjoy it on your next visit with us!

What does Sake Don mean?

Sake Don — is a (raw, sashimi-grade) fresh salmon rice dish, accompanied by vegetable garnishes.

3ourstory-sakedonyelpa photo of Sake Don from one of our Yelp fans, Alcide F.

“Sake” (pronounced slightly different than the Sake wine) means fresh salmon and “Don” is short for donburi, which means rice bowl.

It is one of Chef Don’s favorite dishes!

Sake Don is our third established restaurant. We’ve had two previously successful restaurants named Toyama & Veterans Express Sushi Bar.

We’ve been fortunate enough to reconnect with some of our old friends. If you’ve visited us at our previous restaurants, we’d love to see you again at Sake Don!


NOTE: for authenticity purposes, this short bio was written by the “Sake Daughter” :)

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