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Appetizers & Side Items // Soups & Salads // Nigiri Sushi // Sashimi // Regular Rolls (Maki) // Deep-Fried Rolls // Chef’s Special Rolls // House Special Rice Paper Rolls // Vegetarian Rolls // Box Sushi // Donburi //


1. (DISCONTINUED) Harumaki:                                             5.99
deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with vegetables, chicken, shrimp and clear noodles (3 springrolls/order)
2. Shumai:                                                  5.99
steamed shrimp dumplings; dressed with ponzu sauce and garnished with green onions & sesame seeds (6 dumplings/order)
3. Gyoza:                                                     5.99
deep-fried beef dumplings; served with ponzu sauce (6 dumplings/order)
4. Edamame:                                             5.99
steamed green soybeans, dashed with salt
5. Baked Mussels:                                    5.99
baked mussels with a creamy smelt roe topping (2 pcs/order)
6. Tempura Appetizer:                8.99
served with our Tempura sauce

  • Choose from:
    A.) Shrimp Tempura
    (4 pcs) | 8.99
  • B.) Vegetable Tempura (7) | 8.99
  • C.) Mixed: Shrimp (2) & Vegetable (4) | 8.99


1. Miso Soup:                                            2.50
Dashi and miso soy based broth with tofu, wakame seaweed and green onions
2. Clear Soup:                                            1.99
Fish broth based soup with sliced mushrooms & green onions
3. Crabstick Salad:                                  5.99
Thinly chopped cucumber, asparagus, Japanese pickled radish, shredded crabstick, smelt roe, & dried tuna flakes; seasoned with ponzu sauce.
4. Cucumber Salad:                                 4.99
Thinly chopped cucumber and Japanese pickles marinated in ponzu sauce.
5. Garden Salad:                                      2.99
Fresh iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots with our house Ginger dressing.
6. (DISCONTINUED) Octopus Salad:                                    6.99
Thinly minced steamed octopus and chopped cucumber, asparagus, Japanese pickles, smelt roe and dried tuna flakes; dressed with ponzu sauce.
7. (DISCONTINUED) Salmon Skin Salad:                              6.99
Crispy broiled smoked salmon skin, thinly chopped, seasoned with smelt roe and marinated with ponzu sauce.
8. Seafood Salad:                                      7.99
Sliced assorted fish of the day, thinly chopped cucumber, asparagus, Japanese pickles, smelt roe, dried tuna flakes; marinated with ponzu sauce.
9. Snowcrab Salad:                                5.99
Snowcrab mix on thinly chopped cucumber; garnished with sliced avocado & crispy, shredded potato fries

10. Tuna Tataki Salad:                                        8.99
Seared, rare tuna cubes garnished with  cucumber, avocado, snowcrab mix, topped with spicy mayonnaise, smelt roe and chopped green onions.
11. Seaweed Salad:                                    5.99
Assorted seaweed; marinated in a special sesame sauce.
12. Squid Salad:                                        5.99
Thinly sliced squid, steamed and marinated with a special sesame sauce; mixed with assorted seaweed
13. Mixed (halved) Seaweed & Squid Salad:    7.99

NIGIRI sushi: 2 pieces/order

Baby Octopus (Tako)      4.25
(DISCONTINUED) Octopus(Tako)        4.25
BBQ Eel(Unagi)     4.99
Crab Stick(Kani)    3.99
Fresh Salmon(Sake)    4.25
Mackerel(Saba)    4.25
Salmon Roe(Ikura)     5.75
Shrimp(Ebi)     3.99
Smelt Roe(Masago)      4.25
Smoked Salmon               4.99
Squid(Ika)          4.75
Surf Clam(Hokkigai)    4.75
Tuna(Tekka)     4.99
White Tuna with spicy ponzu sauce
Wasabi Roe(Tobiko)     4.99
Yellowtail(Hamachi)      4.99

SASHIMI: 9 pieces/order (sliced ½ in. thick);
Garnished with various vegetables

Fresh Salmon        9.95
Mackerel                9.95
(DISCONTINUED) Octopus                 9.95

Tuna                      10.95
White Tuna            11.95

Yellowtail               11.95
Assorted Sashimi (15 pieces)      17.95

REGULAR ROLLS (Maki) : cut into 6 pieces/roll

You can request to substitute seaweed wrap for soy wrap ($1/roll) or Rice Paper ($1/roll)

* = Popular Rolls!

1. Alaska roll:                                        5.25
smoked salmon, smelt roe, cucumber, avocado
2. BBQ Eel roll:                                     5.25
broiled eel, cucumber, avocado, smelt roe on the outside, topped with our special eel sauce and sesame seeds
3. Boston roll:                                       5.25
cooked shrimps, fresh leaf lettuce, asparagus with a spread of spicy mayonnaise

4. California roll: *                             5.25
crabstick, smelt roe, cucumber, avocado

5. Creamy Cajun roll: *                       5.99
crawfish tails, snowcrab mix, cream cheese, avocado, topped with spicy mayonnaise

6. Hot & Crispy Cajun roll: *             5.99
crawfish tails, snowcrab mix, asparagus, embedded with crispy shredded potato fries, topped with hot chili (Sriracha) sauce and spicy mayonnaise
7. Spicy Crawfish roll:                         5.25
crawfish tails seasoned with Japanese spices (shichimi togarashi), smelt roe, asparagus, cucumber
8. Crunchy roll:*                                  5.25
snowcrab mix, asparagus, crunchy tempura flakes
9. Creamy Crunchy roll: *              5.75
cream cheese, snowcrab mix, asparagus, cucumber; topped with crunchytempura flakes, and eel sauce
10. Spicy Crunchy roll:                       5.75
snowcrab mix, asparagus, crunchy tempura flakes, embedded with a spice blend (shichimi)
11. Dynamite roll:                                 5.95
fresh yellowtail, tuna and  salmon, embedded with plenty of wasabi
12. Crunchy Dynamite roll:              5.99
dynamite roll coated with crunchy tempura flakes
13. Fresh Salmon roll: *                    5.75
fresh salmon, smelt roe, avocado, chopped green onions
14. Spicy Salmon roll:                        5.99
fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber, embedded with spices (shichimi togarashi).
15. Smoked Salmon roll:                    5.95
smoked salmon and avocado.
16. Salmon Skin roll:                           5.75
broiled salmon skin, cucumber, asparagus, smelt roe
17. Kenner roll:                                    5.99
fresh salmon, snowcrab, avocado, sprinkled with chopped green onions and smelt roe.
18. Metairie roll:                                 5.99
fresh tuna, snowcrab, avocado, cucumber, smelt roe on the outside, topped with eel sauce.
19. New Orleans roll:                         5.75
smoked oysters, smelt roe, cucumber, asparagus, topped with special eel sauce and sesame seeds.
20. New York roll:                                5.75
boiled shrimps, smelt roe, cucumber, asparagus.
21. Philadelphia roll: *                       5.75
smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, chopped green onions on the outside.
22. Scallop roll:                                     5.95
chopped cooked scallop mixed with mayonnaise, smelt roe, avocado, asparagus.
23. Crunchy Scallop roll:                  5.99
scallop roll coated with crunchy tempura flakes on the outside.
24. Hot & Spicy Scallop roll:             5.99
scallop roll coated with spices (shichimi), dashed with spicy mayonnaise.
25. Snowcrab roll: *                             5.25
snowcrab mix and avocado.
26. Spicy Snowcrab roll:                    5.75
snowcrab roll coated with Japanese spice blend (togarashi shichimi)
27. Shrimp Avocado roll:                  5.25
boiled shrimps and avocado.
28. Spicy Shrimp roll:                         5.25
boiled shrimps, asparagus, cucumber, spicy crunchy tempura batter.
29. Tuna roll:                                        5.25
fresh tuna rolled with the seaweed on the outside
30. Tuna Avocado roll:                      5.95
fresh tuna and avocado
31. Tuna Cucumber roll:                   5.75
fresh tuna and cucumber

32. Hot Chili Tuna roll:  *                          5.99
fresh tuna, asparagus, chili pepper and spicy mayonnaise.

33. Hot & Crispy Tuna roll:  *                          5.99
fresh tuna, asparagus, chili pepper and spicy mayonnaise.
34. Spicy Tuna roll:  *                          5.95
fresh tuna, avocado, cucumber, chili pepper and spicy mayonnaise.
35. Wasabi Tuna roll:                         5.75
fresh tuna and cucumber embedded with plenty of wasabi
36. Yellowtail roll:                              5.95
fresh yellowtail (hamachi), smelt roe, chopped green onions, avocado

37. BBQ Yellowtail roll:                       5.99
broiled yellowtail (hamachi), cucumber, avocado, smelt roe, topped with our special eel sauce and sesame seeds
38. Spicy Yellowtail roll:                  5.99
fresh yellowtail (hamachi), snowcrab, avocado, spicy chili mayonnaise

DEEP-FRIED ROLLS: cut into 6 pieces/roll

1. Deep-Fried Crawfish roll: *           6.95
crawfish tails, cream cheese, avocado, coated with tempura batter.
2. Deep-Fried Crunchy roll: *             6.99
cream cheese, snowcrab mix, asparagus; coated with
tempura batter, then topped with eel sauce and spicy mayonnaise sauce.
3. Deep-Fried Snowcrab roll: *           6.95
snowcrab, cream cheese, avocado, coated with tempura flakes.

Masterful creations from the Chef

1. Alligator Roll:                                  13.99
(Inside) – tuna, fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber, asparagus;  (Outside) – wasabi spicy smelt roe, topped with crunchy tempura batter, BBQ eel sauce and sesame seeds; cut into 8 big pieces
2. Caterpillar Roll:                              13.99
(Inside) – shrimp tempura and broiled eel;
(Outside) – wrapped with avocado slices, topped with special eel sauce, spicy mayonnaise sauce and smelt roe; cut into 8 big pieces
3. Chicken Katsu Roll: *                       9.99
deep-fried breaded chicken cutlets, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, topped with spicy mayonnaise sauce and eel sauce.
4. Dragon Roll: *                                  13.99
(Inside) – shrimp tempura, snowcrab, cucumber; (Outside) – wrapped with thinly cut avocado slices and topped with smelt roe; cut into 8 big pieces
5. Fashion Roll:                                    13.99
(Inside)  – shrimp tempura, snowcrab, fresh leaf lettuce; (Outside) – smelt roe, red hot chili and pepper powder; cut in special angles into 6 large pieces
6. Futomaki Roll:                                 13.99
tuna, fresh salmon, snowcrab, shrimp, smelt roe, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, Japanese pickles, wrapped with the seaweed on the outside; cut into 8 big pieces.
7. Louisiana Roll: *                             11.99
crawfish, snowcrab, avocado; cooked shrimps on top, then dashed with spicy mayonnaise sauce and eel sauce, cut into 8 big pieces.
8. LSU Roll:  *                                        14.99
rolled with soybean wrap; (Inside) – shrimp tempura, snowcrab, cream cheese, avocado. (Outside) – tuna and fresh salmon on top, then sprinkled with smelt roe; cut into 8 big pieces
9. Monster Roll:  *                                14.99
(Inside) – snowcrab, shrimp tempura, avocado. (Outside) – sprinkled with mixed black and white sesame seeds, topped with cooked shrimp then dashed with hot chili sauce, spicy mayonnaise sauce, eel sauce and chopped green onions; cut into 8 big pieces
10. Rainbow Roll: *                             13.99
(Inside) – snowcrab, smelt roe, cucumber, asparagus, avocado.  (Outside) – wrapped with tuna, yellowtail and salmon, cut into 8 big pieces.
11. Red Hot Roll: *                                 13.99
(Inside) – spicy snowcrab, fresh salmon, asparagus, red hot chili sauce; (Outside) – wrapped with sliced red tuna and avocado, embedded with red seasoned fish roe; cut into eight  big pieces
12. Rock ‘n Roll: *                                 10.99
shrimp tempura, snowcrab, avocado, asparagus, smelt roe on the outside, cut into 8 big pieces then topped with eel sauce and sesame seeds.
13. Shrimp Tempura Roll:                9.99
shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, smelt roe on the outside, cut into 8 big pieces, then topped with eel sauce and sesame seeds.
14. Salmon Naruto Roll:                    14.99
fresh salmon, smelt roe and avocado rolled with thinly peeled cucumber wrap; cut into 8 big pieces; garnished and served with ponzu sauce.
15. Snowcrab Naruto Roll:               13.99
snowcrab and avocado rolled with thinly peeled cucumber wrap; cut into 8 big pieces.
16. Softshell Crab Roll:                     9.99
soft-shell crab tempura, cucumber, chopped green onions, spicy chili sauce, smelt roe on the outside, dashed with special ponzu sauce and sesame seeds, cut into 4 large pieces.
17. Spider Roll:                                   13.99
(Inside) – soft-shell crab tempura, cucumber; (Outside) – smelt roe, red hot chili and pepper powder (shichimi togorashi), sesame seeds, wrapped with some avocado slices; cut into 8  big pieces
18. Volcano Roll:                                13.99
(Inside) – smoked salmon, snowcrab, smelt roe; (Outside) – sprinkled with snowcrab and crunchy tempura flakes, then dashed with special eel sauce , spicy mayonnaise, and hot chili sauce; rolled with seaweed on the outside; cut into 8 large pieces.

HOUSE SPECIAL RICE PAPER ROLLS: cut into 8 pieces/roll

All rice paper rolls are stuffed with fresh vegetables (leaf lettuce, shredded carrots, avocado, cucumber, and asparagus) with your choice of filling below. Served w/ our House Special Sweet & Spicy Sauce:

1. With Fresh Salmon:                    8.95
2. With Smoked Salmon:               9.25
3. With Tuna:                                     9.25
4. With Yellowtail:                           9.95
5. With White Tuna:                       9.75
6. With Fresh Salmon & Tuna:    10.75
7. With Crabstick:                            8.50
8. With Boiled Shrimp:                  8.50
9. With Tempura Shrimp:            9.95
10. With Chicken Katsu :               7.95

VEGETARIAN ROLLS: cut into 6 pieces/roll

All veggie rolls are sprinkled with sesame seeds.

1. Asparagus roll:       3.99
2. Avocado roll:           3.99
3. Asp & Avo roll:        4.25
4. Cucumber roll:       3.99
5. Cuc & Asp roll:        4.25
6. Cuc & Avo roll:        4.25
7. Vegetarian roll:        4.99
avocado, asparagus, cucumber and pickled radish.
8. Takuan Roll:            4.25
Japanese pickled radish.
8. Seaweed Salad Roll: 5.99

our seaweed salad in a roll.


BOX SUSHI: cut into 6 big, rectangular pieces

For take out: Please handle with care and place the order on a level and secure surface in the car to prevent the box sushi pieces from toppling over during transit.

Box Sushi consists of 2 layers of sushi rice (one at the bottom, one at the top) and 1 layer of snowcrab mix in the middle.  It is topped with your choice of the fish/seafood below and avocado slices; then it is pressed into the shape of a box, and cut into 6 large, rectangular slices.  Enjoy it in big or small bites to your own pleasure.

1. Box Shrimp                   10.99
2. Box Fresh Salmon      10.99
3. Box Tuna                       11.99
4. Box Yellowtail             13.99
5. Box Eel                            14.99
6. Box Smoked Salmon 13.99
7. Box White Tuna          13.99
8. Box Rainbow                 16.99

DONBURI: Pieces of Sashimi on a bed of sushi rice with various vegetable garnishes. (Dine-in Only: Served with Choice of Clear Soup or Miso Soup & Garden Salad with Ginger Dressing.)

1. Sake Don (Fresh Salmon):     19.95
2. Tekka Don (Tuna):   19.95

3. Hamachi Don (Yellowtail):    20.95
4. Chirashi Don
 (Combination of fish):   22.95


Iced Tea — Unsweet & Sweet Tea

Soft Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Sprite

Green Tea (hot & Iced)

Kanpai with us at the sushi bar!

(Please note, as per our alcohol permit, we cannot package sake for take out as our license permits us to serve alcohol on premise only. If you’d like to take out, we may serve you sake or beer as you wait while we make your order).

Sake (hot):

  • Gekkeikan

Sake (cold) by the bottle:

  • Ozeki Nigori (cloudy, unfiltered sake)


  • Kirin Ichiban

  • Sapporo

  • Budlight

  • Budweiser

LUNCH SPECIALS: Served from 11am – 2:30pm

(Take out orders do not include the soup or salad. All combinations are pre-selected for a lunch special price. Please note, custom requests or certain substitutions are subject to extra charges)

Maki Combo Express: Choose any two rolls from below; (Dine-In Only comes served with Choice of: Clear Soup, or Miso Soup, or Garden Salad with Ginger Dressing

    • Crunchy Roll
    • California Roll
    • Snowcrab Roll
    • Philadelphia Roll
  • Crawfish Roll

* For take-out orders, you can still enjoy our great price for any two rolls of your choice above during lunch!*

Lunch Bento Box from the Kitchen:  Served with white rice. (Dine-In Only: Served with Choice of Clear Soup, or Miso Soup, or Garden Salad with Ginger Dressing)

  • 1. Chicken Katsu (deep-fried breaded chicken breast tender) and Shumai     9.99
    2. Chicken Teriyaki and Gyoza    9.99
    3. Vegetable Tempura and Edamame    9.99
    4. Chicken Katsu and GYOZA     9.99
    5. Salmon Teriyaki and GYOZA   11.99
    6. Salt & Pepper Tuna and Gyoza    13.99 

Sushi, Sashimi & Kitchen Combination Plates: (Dine-In Only: Served with Choice of Clear Soup, or Miso Soup & Garden Salad with Ginger Dressing)

  • 7. California Roll, Chicken Katsu and Harumaki    9.99
  • 8. Crunchy Roll and 3 pieces of Sushi (Tuna, Fresh Salmon, Shrimp)     9.99
  • 9. Snowcrab Roll and 3 Pieces of Sushi (Fresh Salmon, Shrimp, Crabstick)    9.99
  • 10. California Roll and 5 Pieces of Sushi (Tuna, Fresh Salmon, Yellowtail, Shrimp and Crabstick)    10.99
    11. Sashimi (15 Pieces of 1/2 inch sliced Tuna, White Tuna, Fresh Salmon and Yellowtail   12.99

 DINNER SPECIALS: Served beginning at 4:00pm

Dinner from the kitchen: 

Served with Clear Soup or Miso Soup, Garden Salad with Ginger Dressing and white rice.

1. Chicken Teriyaki :  14.99
2. Beef Teriyaki :  17.99
3. Salmon Teriyaki :  17.99
4. Chicken Katsu :       13.99
5. Chicken Tempura :  13.99
6. Shrimp Tempura :  15.99
7. Vegetable Tempura :  12.99
8. Combination Tempura :  16.99
9. Baked Salmon :  14.99

EXTRAS for take out orders: 

Eel Sauce, Teriyaki        $1.00
Spicy Mayonnaise, Ponzu, Chili sauce         $0.50

Substitution Wraps:

Soy or Rice Paper    $1/roll

Depending on the current market, prices of some items are subject to change without notice. However, we always believe in fair prices! We make an effort to keep our website updated, but please call for confirmation if needed.

Take Out Order Policy:

Please note: we do “family style” for take out orders (packed together) and may decline large orders requesting separate orders/payments and excessive modifications). We’re happy to serve your large order as long as it can be packed & paid together. For security purposes, we cannot accept multiple credit cards from 1 person picking up. THANK YOU for your understanding and we look forward to serving you sushi for your enjoyment at home!

We Do Not accept orders via Postmates or other outside delivery services as we cannot guarantee quality control and do not separate orders. Our menu may not be transferred or copied onto any commercial websites. For credit/debit charges, $10 minimum purchase please.

There may be a risk associated with consuming raw shellfish as is the case with other raw protein products. If you suffer from chronic illness or the liver, stomach or blood or have other immune disorders, you should eat these products fully cooked. Food Allergy Warning — Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate those with serious allergies to gluten, shellfish, soy, dairy, and etc. and cannot be held liable. Many orders are made simultaneously on shared equipment and may contain trace amounts of any allergic component. Please dine responsibly.